Farmers Market at Bridgeport

We are delighted to announce that the Bridgeport Farmers Market is returning for the 2022 season to the Bridgeport Plaza. Beginning May 22nd and continuing every 2nd and 4th Sunday until September 25th. The market is open from 10am to 2pm. Stay tuned for announcements on our specialty holiday markets, to include Fall markets on October 9th, October 23rd, and November 13th and our Holiday Markets on December 1st and December 15th!

Our seasonal farmers markets will spotlight authentic locally-grown, locally-made, and handcrafted products with vendors that will range from artisans, crafters, craftsmen, local farmers, and ranchers.

Bridgeport Farmers Markets will be held and located at the 3800 Block of Bridge Road, in the Bridgeport Plaza. This year we will feature a “walkable” market with vendors spanning from the plaza, down the main sidewalk drag of Bridgeport Way. Parking is available in the overflow lots next to the Bridgeport 7-Eleven.

Why shop at farmers markets? Spending money at farmers markets keeps your money in circulation within the local community, preserving and creating local jobs! I love farmers markets, what can I do to support yours? Purchasing as much as you can from our farmers market is the simplest way to show your support. Neighborhood volunteer and sponsorship opportunities are also available to help support our markets!

Farmers Market Vendors: Download our application form and then submit it online or email it to to be considered for inclusion in this season’s dates. Submission deadline is May 1st, 2022. Once our vendor list is secured, please email for more information on getting added to our waiting list or securing a day pass for occasional openings.

2021 Bridgeport Farmers Market Vendors - 2022 Vendors Coming Soon

Yewneek Soaps

Yewneek Naturals Soaps & More!

We pride ourselves in offering products that are completely natural. We are a women owned and veteran owned company and are extremely proud of what we do and our products ability to help people with skin issues. I quit my full time job to run my company after being out on maternity leave with my now 3 year old Autistic daughter. Originally when I started making soaps I was giving them away to friends and family and they loved them so much that they encouraged me to sell them and that’s how Yewneek Naturals started. I also offer body butters, lotions, bath salts, oils, clays, scrubs, & more!

Yewneek Naturals Facebook

Velapure Soy Candles

Velapure Candles Soy Candles, Waxes, & More!

Hello, my name is Haydee, originally from San Diego, CA. I started making soy candles in 2012 and relaunched here in Suffolk in 2020 due to the loss of my job. Now, I’m a “toddler momma”, which means nothing scares me, haha! I love creating beautiful candles and I’m honored that a piece of me goes to a new home and spreads light with every purchase. My scents are unique, natural, and they bring memories and emotions. That’s a Velapure experience!

Unkie's Seasoning

Unkie's Seasoning Unkie's Seasoning

Unkie’s Seasoning is a local firefighter owned seasoning business started in 2020. Unkie is a full-time firefighter that loves to cook. Unkie’s Seasoning brings the Flavor of the Firehouse to your house! All bends go to the firehouse for review and approval before coming to the market!

Unkie's Seasoning Facebook

Uncle Dave's Kettle Korn

Uncle Dave's Kettle Korn Uncle Dave's Kettle Korn

Uncle Daves Kettle Korn- It all started while visiting the Williamsburg Outlets one Sunday, looking for kettle corn, but the store was closed! They then decided to inquire about a franchise opportunity, two years later, here they are selling delicious flavored kettle corn!

Uncle Dave's Kettle Korn Facebook

Pink Box Cupcakes

The Pink Box Baked Goods & More

The Pink Box is a family-owned cupcake and dessert bakery, created and opened with a love for desserts and a desire to spend more family time together and leave behind a legacy. Something interesting about them is that they have over 100 cupcake flavors, with new rotating flavors every week! They even make all of their own apparel themselves. Come check them out on June 13th, while satisfying your sweet tooth!

Neighborhood Harvest Goods

The Neighborhood Harvest Produce & Meal Delivery

The Neighborhood Harvest represents a network of more than 30 small farms, ranches, dairies, bakeries, and specialty artisans, as well as the operation of their six-bay greenhouse in Suffolk, supplying lettuces and greens! Their partnerships allow them to deliver a variety of high-quality, fresh, and prepared foods directly to customers homes!

The Attuned Cauldron

The Attuned Cauldron The Attuned Cauldron

The million dollar question…what makes this herbal shop and their blends different from the others? We can honestly say you will not find an herbal shop quite like this, as we add a bit of magic into our blended treats. After we put together our speciality blends, we bathe them in trace materials and cell salts that are extracted right here in Chesapeake, VA. Harmonize the mind, balance the body, and evolve into

Sycamore Springs Produce

Sycamore Springs Farm Produce & More!

Sycamore Springs Farm started their adventure in 2006 in Smithfield and from there, opened a storefront location in Surry. They have been growing and selling produce ever since. They specialize in sweet potatoes with nine varieties, organic elephant garlic onions, and garlic! They have two farms, one is certified organic and the other is naturally grown with no chemicals! Their season begins in May and ends in November, with collards. They LOVE farmers markets and can’t wait to meet their newest customers!

Sycamore Springs Facebook

Southside VA Catering

Southside Virginia Catering Southside VA Catering

Southside Virginia Catering has been a catering company since 2015, offering premade dinners and meals at local farmers markets. They will also offer baked goods, jellies, jams, pickles, and handmade soaps. Their premade meals are TO DIE for, come check them out!

Southside Virginia Catering Facebook

So Many Flowers

So Many Flowers Flowers and Bouquets

So Many Flowers was founded in Wisconsin in 2020 by Briana, a gardener and flower lover! She has since moved her micro farm operation to Virginia Beach, where she grows in her suburban yard and at a farm plot. So Many Flowers aims to bring the Hampton Roads area fresh, sustainably grown flowers, unique seedlings and plants for your garden, and beautiful dried flowers and wreaths! Briana’s favorite flower is the gladiolus, which you can expect to see lots of at our markets this Summer!

Salty Dog

Salty Dog Boutique

Local Military & Woman owned business located in North Suffolk, specializing in wood laser products. Salty Dog Boutique just started Jan of 2022 but was formally called Corks & Crafts which started in 2019. Gina, the owner, went full time running her small business in Jan and decided to change the name for a fresh start being full time. Fun Fact: Gina named her Glowforge Sparktacus but goes by Sparky for short. Gina is also hearing impaired and relies on hearings aids to hear.


Peanut City Candles

Peanut City Candle Co Soy candles & Wax Melts

They are a female owned, small business that offers 100% USA-sourced and sustainable soy wax candles and melts, all hand-poured in Suffolk, VA. Their products are clean burning, contain no phthalates or heavy metals, and are PET safe! They will be joining us on June 13th, then they will not be back again until September, so check them out on opening day and visit their site for pre-ordering options.

Chef Salvatore

Pasta e Pani by Salvatore Pasta e Pani by Salvatore

Pasta e Pani by Salvatore has been operating Italian restaurants since the 1940’s, being the best Italian Restaurant in Virginia Beach for over 25 years,…and for good reason…daily specials on the menu, this is the kind of food you want to eat every day. Taking inspiration from the old world, all the dishes on our menu are prepared with care and our never-ending passion for excellence. Using locally sourced fresh ingredients, each dish is so good, you’ll have trouble choosing. They will be bringing a variety of things to our market, to include breads, fresh pasta, ravioli, meatballs, lasagna, sauces, homemade mozzarella, and eggplant parmigiana!

Pasta e Pani by Salvatore Facebook

Misha's Microfarm

Misha's Microfarm

Misha’s Microfarm is the first of its kind urban farm located in Hampton, VA. This business is minority and veteran owned by veteran Kamisha Jackson aka Farmer Misha. The farm utilizes sustainable and regenerative practices in order to combat harmful commercial methods that are not in harmony with planet Earth. While only in it’s first official year of production, Misha’s Microfarm is a breath of fresh air in the field of agriculture and specifically the growing landscape of urban agriculture.

Misha's Microfarm Website

Lily Candles

Lily Haberdashery Lily Candles

Lily Haberdashery is a gourmet candle company specializing in a variety of beautiful candle types, some resembling foods and sweet treats, cocktails, and popular drinks. She also makes wax tarts, polymer clay pins and earrings, jelly soaps, and lip glosses and seasonal soft pretzels, cookies, and candy apples.

Lily Haberdashery Facebook

Lilley Brothers Jam

Lilley Brothers Canna Company CBD Products, Strawberries, & Jams

They are a fourth-generation family farm, started in 1919. They grow soybeans, wheat, corn, and have a wholesale tree nursery. They have also grown strawberries for 25 years and have a seasonal pumpkin patch and corn maze. Their newest adventure has been growing hemp and CBD and they will feature a variety of CBD salves, sucks, tincture, as well as jams, syrups, and handmade jewelry at our markets!

Lilley Brothers Facebook

Katsey Things Coin Holders

Katesy Things Handmade Items

Katlyn is a stay-at-home mom who was going stir crazy in the quarantine and thought “why not start a business”, so here she is, running her small business! The name is Katesy Things because these are all of the things she loves, designed and made by her. They say to have an ideal customer, and that customer is her! Come check out her variety of wristlet key fobs, head bands, keychains, stickers, pins, phone grips, decals, and quarter keepers!

Kanned by Ikustomize

Kanned by Ikustomize

Kanned by IKustomize was birthed during the pandemic. After experiencing job loss due to the pandemic, she had to figure out a way to live and pay her bills. After searching for jobs and not recieveing any callbacks she prayed and asked God for an idea that would provide for her. After starting a crafting business making facemask, tshirts, wreaths, and other custom gifts and novelties. She decided to embace her country roots and started making preserves like she used to do with her family. Fun fact: The owner is from Tennessee.


Ironwood Crafting

Ironwood Crafting Handmade cutting boards, kitchen tools, and utensils

Ironwood Crafting specializes in quality handmade wooden cutting boards and kitchen items. With more than 20 years experience in woodcrafting and carpentry, you can trust that you`re investing in quality items, handmade with T.L.C.


Indulgent Air Fragrance

Indulgent Air Fragrance Indulgent Air Fragrance

Christopher Phillips, a native of South Carolina is a Navy Chief Petty Officer and founder and CEO, based out of Virginia Beach. He created his company in the middle of the pandemic (June 2020) and the reason why may surprise you. As so many small businesses were forced to close during COVID, he found he couldn’t find is favorite air freshener. His goal in starting Indulgent was to create quality water based air fresheners that capture the essence of their names and never smell like chemicals.He also wanted to make his products affordable.

Finding Hope

Finding Hope Clay jewelry

Finding Hope started a year ago. We create handmade clay earrings that are very unique. I started this business to raise money for our infertility journey, with the full story on “why” on our website.

Finding Hope Website

Fin Hunter

Fin Hunter

We combine land and water lifestyles through stylish, comfortable, American made clothing. Based out of Suffolk ,VA, our business was based off the fun things we love to do; hunting, fishing, and enjoying the great outdoors!

Fin Hunter Website

Wood & Resin Artwork

Fashionably Graphic Wood & Resin Coastal Artwork

This vendor has worked with glass, clay and wood for the past 25 years. He likes to experiment with these mediums in combination with each other. Come check out his beautiful coastal themed masterpieces made of wood and resin!


Fantasy's Edge

Fantasy's Edge Coffee Group

Fantasy’s Edge Coffee Group was created about 3 years ago when two friends sat down to play cards and drink coffee together. They had so much fun they wanted to bring the experience to all! We are a small group that sells organic coffee beans and single trading cards. Recently we started making handmade aprons with nerdy themes. Fun Fact: we are looking to open our first brick and mortar store this Fall.


Fruit Water

Earthly Expressions Juicery Earthly Expressions Juicery

Earthly Expressions Juicery began in July of 2020. They aim to work with local farmers within the community to use as a resource as well as provide the community a hub they can depend on for healthy food alternatives. They are a 100% cold-pressed juice bar, also providing smoothies, smoothie bowls, and other options like salads, wraps, and fruit infused alkaline waters.

Earthly Expressions Juicery Facebook


Cativa CBD CDB Products

In 2018, Cativa CBD was founded in Portsmouth, VA with a simple mission: to combine the power of science and the promise of CBD to deliver wellness and health. Since then, we have partnered with scientists from all walks of life to create products with improved bioavailability. We believe in the untapped potential of CBD and its ability to heal the mind and body.

Cativa CBD

Cativa CBD

Based in Suffolk, Virginia, Cativa CBD is a leader in science-based and nature-led CBD wellness products, teaching and inspiring clients to explore the world of CBD. Our revolutionary company is defined by its unique relationship with laboratories and research institutes across North America, with a focus on improving the performance of CBD and creating products that do no harm to the environment. We have worked with scientists at Princeton University and the University of Wisconsin School of Pharmacy on proprietary formulations used only in Cativa CBD products. We share our client’s love for the confidence that our products and expertise bring to life. With every use, clients can unlock the promise of CBD to live healthier, happier lives.

Cativa CBD Website

Baskets by Virginia

Baskets by Virginia Baskets by Virginia

Baskets by Virginia is located inside of Virginia’s Daughter Bridal Boutique! Virginia creates baskets for any occasion: birthdays, weddings, holidays, thank you’s, showers, etc. You name the budget, she builds the basket! They are SO pretty, you will not want to open them!

Baskets by Virginia on Facebook

Au Skin

Au Skin Au Skin

The Founder and CEO of Au Skin has a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and a Master’s Degree in Epidemiology – but that isn’t where this former chemist’s interest in skin care began. CesShay recalls growing up, mixing different household products to create remedies and formulating all-natural skin care with her grandmother. Friends and family would constantly compliment her skin and ask which products she uses. To that, CesShay replied that it was her own formulated blend of all-natural ingredients. Soon, everyone wanted to get their hands on this hidden gem. Driven by inspiration from her grandmother, a passion for truly helping others, and her education, Au Skin was officially born on April 14th, 2019.


Amedeo's Amedeo's

Amedeo’s Ristorante & Bakery is the latest additon to M&M Hostpitality Group who established River Stone Chophouse, Vintage Tavern, Decoy’s Seafood, and Bennett’s Breek Marina. Amedeo’s opened in April 2021 and offers Northern Italian influenced fare featuring house made pastas, pizzas, sauces, breads, baked goods, cakes, and much much more. Open seven days a week for lunch and dinner. Owners Brian and Teresa Mullins and natives to the area and have a passion for supporting local businesses through their restaurants by purchasing from local farmers, distilleries, breweries, florists, fisheries, etc.


4U-Handcrafted Jewelry Designs 4U-Handcrafted Jewelry Designs

4U-Handcrafted Jewelry Designs has been designing high-end handcrafted jewelry since 2018. Their work features semi-precious gemstones, freshwater cultured pearls, and nickel and lead-free metals, enabling them to have designs that can compliment individual styles and minimize skin allergies!

Not all vendors will be present on all market days. Vendors are subject to change without notice.

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Vendor Application Deadline: May 1st, 2022.

Now Accepting Applications. Download and Submit your vendor application now for summer slots.


Summer Market (10am-2pm)

  • May 22nd
    Featured Music: Cara-Lyn & Harley
  • June 12th
    Featured Music: Lane Rice
  • June 26th
    Featured Music: Tre Smith
  • July 10th
    Featured Music: The Tumbleweed Bros.
  • July 24th
    Featured Music: Heather Edwards Band
  • Aug 14th
    Featured Music: Kelly Vaughan
  • Aug 28th
    Featured Music: The Tumbleweed Bros.
  • Sept 11th
    Featured Music: Heather Edwards Band
  • Sept 25th
    Featured Music: Lane Rice

Fall Festival Market (10am-2pm)

  • Oct 9th
    Featured Music: Kelly Vaughan
  • Oct 23rd
    Featured Music: Cara-Lyn & Harley
  • Nov 13th
    Featured Music: TBD

Holiday Market (4pm-8pm)

  • Dec 1st
    Featured Guest: Santa!
  • Dec 15th
    Featured Guest: Santa!

Farmers Market at Bridgeport is presented by Bridgeport Suffolk in coordination with Suffolk Virginia Tourism.
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Farmers Market FAQ

Is the Farmers Market canceled for inclement weather?

The Farmers Market at Bridgeport will be canceled if, in the determination of the Market staff, that the weather conditions are unsafe or excesively unpleasant. The cancelation will be posted to the Bridgeport Facebook and Instagram accounts as soon as the cancelation is announced.

How can my business get a booth at the Farmers Market?

Business interested in having their own booth at the Bridgeport Farmers Market should apply using the application on this page.

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